A webring for archaeologists - by the collective.


This webring is for personal websites or blogs maintained by archaeologists, historians and academics focused on the human past.

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Membership Rules

This is a themed webring, thus we welcome any kind of site focused on archaeology, ancient history or scholarly communication about the human past. Your site can be a blog or a personal website, as long as the requirements above are met. We do not accept sites that reproduce or condone:

As it is impossible to list everything that would not be acceptable, so we do reserve the right to deny requests. As a general rule of thumb, everything listed as unacceptable on the Mastodon server also applies here.

This webring is intended to be used by people, institutions and journals might join if they keep a blog that it is used for outreach and communication.

Note: we (currently) do not offer webrings for other protocols/platforms, such as Gemini.

How to Join

  1. Add the minimum required links to your website. Copy the HTML below for a basic approach, changing with your actual domain, OR if you want to customize it further, add the required archaeoring links to your site's homepage yourself, replacing YOURDOMAIN with your site's domain. See below the Table of Required Links.
  2. Add yourself to the webring by either:
  3. Enjoy and spread the word!

The following is an example HTML code for linking to the next and previous ring members. If you copy and paste this code, please ensure to change with your actual domain.

  <a href=""></a>
  <a href="">Archaeoring</a>
  <a href=""></a>

The result will look like this (depending on your site's style)


If you would like, you can also link to; it directs visitors to a random site in the ring. This one is optional though.

Table of required links

Destination Link
Previous member
Next member
Home page


It's not a true webring without some old-school buttons, so we have a few to offer! You're welcome to use any of them on your webpage.

archaeoring button 1 archaeoring button 2 archaeoring button 3 archaeoring button 4 archaeoring button 5

To include them on your website, download the button of your choice and use something like the following:

<a href="" target="_blank">
    <img alt="archaeoring"
         src="archaeoring_button1.png" />

Please don't hotlink the images here as it increases our hosting costs.

Table of members

Member Name Member domain